Monday, August 30, 2010


Today was my first day of 8th grade, and all I can say is that I’ve never seen so much plaid in my life. So there is a collar rule at my school and people usually go for the flannel collars, which I personally can’t pull off and think that if you can pull it off you still will look the same as most kids. I know plaid is trending again but, it would be much more appealing to the eye to see a put together outfit rather than a flannel and skinny jeans. I think that before the end of this week I will be completely brainwashed with all this plaid and probably start dreaming about picnic blankets, the only thing that will keep me away from these nightmares are these lovely boat shoes that I saw a few kids wearing by Steve Madden which I think is such a great buy cause you can always wear them. Oh and just in case those don’t keep the dreams away then my new obsession with penny loafers will, and there so comfortable and basically go with anything and you can find them at almost every store.   

Friday, August 27, 2010

Can fall come any sooner?

So with fall around the corner I can hardly wait to start wearing knits, camel coats, and mukluks. Even in this 93-degree weather today, I chose to wear clothing fit for a cold foggy day. There are so many great lines for fall and winter like Chloe, and my all time favorite Alexander McQueen. Both are very different, and both lines stood out the most to me. Chloe’s first look that came out on the runway was basically a summary for the rest of the line, it is a simple piece that, in my opinion is perfect. All the pieces in this collection are so wearable and elegant, you can probably keep them for a really long time. The McQueen line on the other hand makes me think of royalty because of the gold detailing and the bold colors. It's pretty a mind-blowing, edgy collection that you can look through over and over again and find different details that you hadn’t noticed before. If I ever owned one of the many beautiful dresses from this collection I would have to keep in a glass case.

The Escape

Hi, I’m new here so I have never really thought about blogging until recently. Blogging has always interested me, whether it’s a blog about photography or about books, but the blogs that I usually read, and have bookmarked on my homepage, are fashion blogs that I have been reading for about a year now. To me fashion is like a mood ring that keeps changing colors but eventually goes back to the same color most of the times with a different shade.  What I’m trying to say if that didn’t make sense to you, is that fashion is a cycle that keeps repeating itself with similar trends but differently. Oh and by the way my name is natallie, and I’m thirteen.